Energy MLM The TRUTH about Ambit Energy

Energy Network Marketing (Energy MLM‘s)  companies seem to be popping up all over the place. Why? Because states  are all deregulating energy and Should all be deregulated 2015-2016.

(The Following contains personal opinion, including my experiences and my knowledge of Ambit Energy, and other Home based businesses and MLM opportunities. This webiste, it’s article, videos, and all content is not endorsed by Ambit Energy.)

Are you looking for the truth about this segment of the Energy industry?
Have you looked at Ambit, Ignite, Viridian, AMA Nation, Ampegy and other Energy MLMs? I hope that this site can give you the info you are looking for!

I am an Ambit Energy Consultant, and I joined Ambit after careful consideration. 
I had three goals.

  • First, I wanted a company that was long-term.
  • Second I wanted a company that had a culture that dealt with their customers and consultants in a kind manner.
  • Third, I want to make money.

Making money is important. I wanted to KNOW without a doubt that I will be rewarded for my efforts. I want to know that people are treated right because I work hard and I want a company that meets all three requirements.

I am not in this for the moment, but for the momentum, and I want that momentum  to continue long-term.

AmbitAcrossAmericaCurrently Ambit Energy operates in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia and Washington, D.C.. This is where Energy Products are offered, however you can become a consultant in any state. I live in Indiana, and do very well as a consultant.

With many more states planned for expansion. As Deregulation, and State “Public Service Commissions” approve.
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Deregulation is designed to create competition, giving a CHOICE and lower costs to consumers.

So you want to make money in an ENERGY MLM! That’s great! If you have MLM experience (and even if you don’t) you are going to really love this!

Why are you going to LOVE THIS?
Because you don’t have to store or demonstrate product, no more convincing family and friends they need the product, or explaining the benefits of your product.
Because they already use electricity, or gas everyday!

No one has to show an energy customer the need for energy or explain what the benefits are. They pay their bill every month, and all they care about is that THE POWER or GAS IS ON!

Why are MLM companies becoming ENERGY suppliers? Because like I said, Electricity and Gas are billed monthly. If you can provide service at a lower cost to consumers AND help people start their own ENERGY business then almost anyone can have success!

The MLM model is a proven way to bring many people to a company without the company having to pay extremely high marketing costs. Lower costs mean higher revenue for the company, and higher commissions to representatives!

Some people say that because of the deregulation of energy, those who get started in the beginning will make explosive incomes, some will even earn a fortune. Since people use it month in and month out, there’s a HUGE potential for residual payments every single month, that alone made me excited enough to look for and join what I believe the best ENERGY MLM Company!

Wouldn’t you love to get paid EVERY SINGLE MONTH, for work you did once? That’s the power of RESIDUAL INCOME! 

Wouldn’t you love to make enough money residual income to pay your own Electric and Gas bill? That’s like paying nothing for your own Electric and/or Gas!

Since the Franchise Consultant fee has been waived, there is NO RISK to get started!

Start building a business with HUGE residual income potential IMMEDIATELY!
Take control of your financial future. As an Ambit Energy Independent Consultant, you can make money by helping people save money on products they have to buy every month – electricity and natural gas

The deregulation of energy markets across the country means you can:

  • Earn unlimited income
  • Work flexible hours
  • Get paid in the future for work you do now
  • Work from home
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Everyone uses energy. You simply enroll customers to use the Ambit Energy service and earn income month after month.
  • No inventory
  • No deliveries
  • No collections

Here are some great Ambit Energy Videos – See how Ambit Energy has changed lives! (Seeing these videos really helped me make a decision!)


  • I am an Independent Ambit Energy Consultant
  • I am responsible for all content at
  • All Content is based on my opinion and experiences

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